Let rockers sleep on you floor

A few weeks ago I went to see Nada Surf. It turned out to be a great geek rock night. Nada Surf were out this way with Ultimate Fakebook, and Sheila Divine. I have been a UFB fan for a long time and it was great to see them again. Guitarist and lead singer Bill McShane told me that their label Sony 550 went bust and bought out their 2 album contract, so while they are still looking for a new label they felt like they made out like bandits. They are due to cut a split EP with fellow Kansas residents, Reggie and the Full Effect. Reggie are another Get Up Kids side project. UFB previewed a few of their new tracks for the EP, most of which had a more, dare I say it, 'emo' quality. It sounded great.

Sheila Divine were the surprise act of the night. Lead singer, Aaron Perrino, sounded like he was channeling Bono on most tracks. Rockin'. He also had a very strained expression on his face. Like a little kid that had too many sausages. I couldn't help laughing, sorry Aaron.

Nada Surf, if you haven't heard them since their song Popular was... well... popular, have a more recent album that sounds incredible live, The Proximity Effect. They are already back in the studio recording songs for a new album and getting reading for a national tour shortly. I would definitely try to catch the show. Opening for them will be SoCal bands Ozma, and Rilo Kiley. RK sound a bit like Liz Phair meets Nada Surf, but don't take my word for it. Download Rilo Kiley's Science Vs. Romance and Wires and Waves , then check the tour schedule and offer them your couch if you are in a geographical position to do so.