Cover your ear holes

I can't believe I have been so lax in reporting on this atrocity for so long. I thought if I didn't talk about them they might just go away. I am talking about this summers Lit , Sum 41. Like all present (and future) one hit wonders they have one decent song that is being played to death on rock radio, 'Fat Lip'. I will give them that much but that's where it ends.

I watched them open a show a few months ago. They were doing their best 'rock star impression'. They were acting like it was 1987 and that Bret Michaels was going to snort coke off strippers with them after the show. Lots of lame Queensryche and Yngwie Malmsteem intros, and mostly showboating guitar crap.

Now before we go any further, I love guitars in rock. I don't mind a metal lick or two, I have the new Tool album but this just sucked. I once saw Smashmouth perform almost all of Van Halen 1 at Bimbo's and I ate it up. It was well done. Sum41 just don't have the skills to pay the bills.

However, they do have have one hell of a PR/Marketing company working for them. If this is the first time you are hearing of them then you have already been covering not only your ear holes but your eyes as well. Currently they are number one on MTV's TRL, have a live televised concert being promoted on MTV, and are available in all Target stores. Now just as a test ask your local Target store if they have the latest Tahiti 80 album or Nada Surf. I am sure they will turn you away for asking for bands with talent. It's a hell of a time to be a rock star.