Music and junk

Well as most of you can tell we at musicrag are all so busy seeing great live music and taking vacations in tropical locales that we have been spending little time attending to the daily rant or getting the site back in full working order. You might have noticed that the archives are broken and a couple of other things are still in server moving limbo for now. What can we say but... you should be enjoying live music and having some tropical fun yourself. In fact, tomorrow night is a great place to start.

Anyone up for a Ultimate Fakebook and Nada Surf at the Bottom of the Hill tomorrow night? Of course that only works if your in San Francisco. Seriously though, go see some great indie/alterna/jazz/dj whatever and then write us to tell us how cool it was that you were only 10 feet away from INSERT BAND/COMBO HERE. Forget that stadium, festival, arena rock tour crap. I might just be bummed that I didn't get a ticket to the U2 show or the Radiohead show but then again it's always a good idea to see great music in a small venue. As my grandfather used to say 'Always insist on live music! Go now!