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Thanks for checking out This is our first day of operation and we have been working hard to get this site off the ground.

There were some web hosting provider problems to hammer out. We were on Windows NT but reverted back to the ever reliable UNIX hosting. Now we have much phatter bandwidth and much more storage space. Of course you pay for things like that but I am much more sane.

This site was built listening to alot of Deftones in the wee morning hours and many dj's traipsed through here during the night. Tricky, Fatboy Slim, Moby, DJ Shadow, Qbert, Theivery Corporation and more.

Many have asked why I decided to start yet another music site. "Aren't there already enough music sites out there?" and "Are you some kind of glutton for punishment?" and "How will you monetize this?" "Without a business plan you will never IPO!"

I am pretty sure almost all the fun has been siphoned out of the internet. This site is for people who love music. We will worry about making truckloads of money another day.

In the interim however we do have a cd/video/books mega mall built into the site. Yes, it is a partnership with another company. No, it will not make us rich. It will however cover the cost of maintaining the site if you would kindly buy from the store. Please check it out at . The prices are great and the service is excellent. I ordered a couple of sample items from it the other day just to test it out and I was impressed.

Anyway, if you are interested in contributing to this site let me know at

Your friend,