Noise Pop Tour Diary, Day 3

OK, so Day 3 was kind of a bust.

We had our choice of shows: the glamgothfest at Bottom of the Hill with the Makers, Pleasure Forever, and the Richmond Sluts, or the emo event at Slim's featuring Pedro the Lion, the Stratford 4, Seldom, and Sara Shannon. Sadly, we chose the latter.

We got to Slim's during Seldom and turned around and exited the venue pretty muich immediately. Seldom were pegging the emometer, and I was just not in the mood. Too many keyboards, too much whining, and not nearly enough rocking.

We milled about until the Stratford 4 came on, and they were hardly worth the wait. I decided to check 'em out because people had told me they were in a Spiritualized/My Bloody Valentine vein, but whoever told me that must have been shooting bad dope. To me they were just another shoegazey dream pop outfit, probably good on record, great music to nod out to, but hardly something I'd go out of my way to see live. The singer thought he was the second coming of Marc Bolan, but he hadn't the talent, voise, or charisma of the late T. Rex frontman. And guys (and gals): There's a world of difference between disaffection and disinterest. If you're gonna go the disaffection route, you'd better have charisma and intensity to spare. Because just standing around on stage ain't gettin' it done.

Overtired and underwhelmed, we left even before Pedro the Lion brought his unique brand of Jesus-emo to the stage. Yeah, I know, I'm heartbroken. John Doe and Neko Case tonight, though, folks. Then Big Star and Imperial Teen tomorrow, and Guided by Voices and Preston School of Industry on Sunday. Things are looking up.