the Last Splash?

Last night, I had the great privilege to see alt-rock darlings The Breeders play before a sold-out show at the excellent Casbah, in San Diego, CA. Twin sisters Kim and Kelley Deal and Jim MacPherson were joined by a new bassist (who according to Kim, they "were lucky enough to have picked up in East L.A.") and another guitarist (why have two guitars on stage when you can have 3?). Kim shared with the audience that original bassist Josephine Wiggs had "got lost in New York". Oh well, three out of four original members is good enough.

After a very long, slow equipment set-up (remember, there were 3 people playing guitar), The Breeders finally treated fans to old and yes, NEW songs. Surprisingly, it was Kelley who was the sober half of the Deal sisters, who at one point prompted Kim to comment, "I hate sober people". Kim looked a wreck, though she was still able to sing, play guitar, and stumble on stage. Even though I was the youngest person there, I was able to feel a little old (for the second time in my life- first time was in 2000 when I went to the Warped Tour only to see Weezer play and was surrounded by 14 year old boys, some accompanied by their parents). Nostalgia set in and here's where I unashamedly reveal my age. I bought Last Splash at the bitter age of 13, when 'alternative rock' was truly alternative to the mainstream crap on radio and MTV, during that most magical, musical year of 1993. It was crazy and wonderful to see them play live 9 years later. It is comforting to know that they can still play "Cannonball" with dignity. It is also comforting that there are aging hipsters who stupidly shout in between songs "Gigantic"! I suppose some people are still holding their breath for The Pixies to prepare their reunion tour (wishful thinking).

At the end of the show, I shook Kim's hand and for lack of anything else to say, I casually asked for an interview today (they play another sold-out Casbah show tonight) to which she replied (as politely as possible) "Hell no...I'm lucky I'm still standing right now". A classic moment. That truly did put a smile on my face as I walked out. Gold star to Kim for her honesty. Although she turned me down (I really wasn't expecting her to say yes, come on now), I still want to thank Kim for signing my ticket.

Look out for a new album sometime this summer on 4AD .