The Shape of Rock to Come: Cave In

The new two-song song EP from Cave In, imaginatively entitled 2 Songs, should cement their status as that most chimerical of rock 'n' roll animals, the Next Big Thing.

Cave In's career trajectory has been anything but normal to this point. The Boston-based band started out six years ago as a brutal metalcore band in the vein of Snapcase and Deadguy. Then something happened. Depending on whose version you believe, Cave In either discovered hallucinogens, Rush, or how to play their instruments — or, more likely, a combination of all three — and turned in one of the most impressive sophomore efforts ever.

Jupiter, the album in question, managed to retain the bombast and intensity of Cave In's hardcore material, but combined it with ambitious melodies and meters totally foreign to metal. The inevitable "sellout" jacket was broken out, and the "prog-rock" label was bandied about. But Cave In would not yield.

The new EP bears a closer resemblance to Queens of the Stone Age than any of their former metal compatriots. You can download copies of the two EP songs below, but I'm confident that you'll dig 'em so much that you'll rush out and get your own copy from Hydra Head Records.