So bored... must find something new... But why?

That's basically been the summation of my recent plight with finding some new band, some new song, that gets me wet. So I said 'fuck it', rifled through the old cd collection (remember cd's?) and grabbed a former love for a week of sweaty, dirty musical sex.

She and I were polar opposites when we met back in 1993. I was soft, sweet, and vulnerable. She was street-tough, angry, and hostile. She hated my white boy rock: my Afghan Whigs, my Pavement, my Redd Kross. I hated her constant 40 drinking. What should have kept up apart only drew us tighter. We didn't start our audio copulation with a hug, we slammed into each so hard we knocked each other out. It was perfect.

Why I ever broke it off the following winter, I'll never know. But we've found each other again, at least for awhile, and she's still as beautiful as ever...

So... who the hell was your illicit musical fling?