This Ain't No Hat Music

Well, I've been so busy following Jason's edict that I haven't had time to post! Apologies.

I opted to skip the Warped Tour in favor of seeing the Derailers at Slim's this past Saturday. If you're not hip to their Austin-by-way-of-Bakersfield pure country sound, you must check out the Derailers at your first opportunity. They are impeccable showmen, amazing musicians and songwriters, and gracious human beings. Their Buck Owens-inspired sound sets them far apart from their New Country brethren, although they did recently take home the Best Independent Video award from CMT for "The Right Place."

Their next release (and their first on Sony Music Nashville), "Here Come The Derailers," has a tentative release date of August 14th. So check out the album, and don't miss the Derailers when they come to a honky-tonk near you. That way, when they're in the Country Music Hall of Fame, you can say you saw 'em way back when. ...