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Today's Tom Sawyers rock Toronto at first Rush convention

Ultimate Fakebook leaves Sony/550 and hits the road with MXPX and plans to release a new EP this August

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    Week 1

    it really has been an interesting week, musicrag.com is now listed on Yahoo in Magazines??? OK. wasn't sure how to take that one. still cool i guess. Check it out at New Listing @ Yahoo.com. A lot of people have been linking to the site randomly so I created a page after the fivesongs post that has a banner that you can use to link to this site if you want to. Click here for the banner code.

    I may have mentioned it before but it looks as though our links section will be completed soon!!! My favorite however has been the link from weezer.net. just for the cool factor.

    By the way, if you go to many a show, have a digital camera and are interested in being a correspondant please email me and we can talk.

    lastly, chris took a bunch of photos at a Sleater-Kinney/Fugazi show in San Francisco last weekend. One of them was good enough to be picked up by Sonic.Net. Click here for the article and picture. You can see all of the photo's here. Nice work Chris!

    props to my peeps,


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