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August 2000

Winamp Upgrade

posted 8/30/2000 by Jason

The popular Winamp application has just released version 2.65 of their free software mp3 player. If you have version 2.64 or earlier the upgrade brings a bug/security hole fix and improved mp3 http streaming.

Visit for the latest version.

Sonic Foundry drops more ACID

posted 8/30/2000 by Jason

Sonic Foundry the manufacturer of some of the most popular music software pieces such as Sound Forge and Vegas, has announced an expansion in their loop based ACID line.

The company is adding Acid Techno 2.0 and Acid Latin 2.0. Last year they expanded the line from the popular Acid Pro to include derivitives, Acid Hip hop 2.0, Acid Rock 2.0 and Acid DJ 2.0. The company is touting the ease of use of the new software, even if you are new to loop-based music creation.

Included with both software packages are 600 studio-quality loops. ACID Techno includes beats, synths, effects, scratching, and media samples and ACID Latin includes drums, horns, percussion, keyboards, & guitar loops produced by Karl Perrazzo, member of Santana and performer on the Grammy award-winning Supernatural album.

Expect both software packages to sell for around $60.

Visit for more information.

Is it time to toss out your CD player?

posted 8/30/2000 by Jason

Just like the joke from the movie "Men in Black", it may be time to buy "The White Album" again. Due to the popularity of MP3 sharing sites such as Napster, record labels have been looking for a way to protect their artists material from duplication. A Colorado based company, Dataplay may have their solution.

Dataplay has developed a secure disc the size of your thumb that can hold a whopping 500MB. That is enough for 7 full albums in MP3 format. What's the catch? Unlike CD's you can't extract the information digitally due to their content key technology. User's can record their own information to the Dataplay discs.

Sources have Vivendi/Universal as one of the first major labels to sign up for distribution on DataPlay .

Look for next generation MP3 players, cellphones and PDA's with Data Play ports to begin showing at the Audio Electronics Conference in January and for production models in Spring of 2001.

Charlie Hunter releases exclusive solo disc

posted 8/23/2000 by Jason

Shortly after recording his recent Blue Note self-titled release
(, Charlie went back into the same studio to record some solo tunes. Charlie wanted to record something for his fans that was only available through his website and at his shows.

The result is Solo Eight String Guitar, a mix of jazz standards, cover tunes, and short interludes. The CD was released just yesterday on Charlie's own Contra Punto record label. Only 2000 copies of Solo Eight String Guitar were pressed, click here to get yours!

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