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July 2000

Napster CEO issues statement on court ruling to shut down Napster

posted 7/27/2000 by Jason

Statement of Hank Barry, CEO if Napster, Inc.

San Francisco, CA- July 26, 2000- As you know, the recording industry has sued Napster in order to shut us down. Today, in federal court, the judge issued an order that basically would have the effect of shutting down the Napster service as it exists.

We will be appealing the judge's ruling to the court of appeals and will ask the court of appeals tomorrow morning to stay the judge's order during the appeal. If we do not get a stay, then we have until
midnight Friday to comply with the judge's order. Although we
strongly and firmly disagree with the judge's decision, we will, of
course, comply with that decision if it is not stayed. The judge's
ruling is essential in this: that one-to-one non-commercial file
sharing violates the law.

We will fight this in a variety of ways to keep the Napster community growing and strong. We will keep you informed and we will ask for your help. Please check our website for updates and what you can do. We intend to see this through in every venue, in every court. We believe in Napster and we believe in the Napster community. Thank you for your support.

The The join the growing list of label haters

posted 7/20/2000 by Jason

In an open lettor on, Matt Johnson of The The announce his band is going on the offensive. The letter was titled "THE THE VERSUS THE CORPORATE MONSTER"

Johnson has decided to offer track by track, week by week free downloads of The The's latest album 'NakedSelf'. Not totally newsworthy however Johnson was a former Napster critic.

Johnson is doing so in response to his label latest actions:

Vivendi have just swallowed Seagrams who took over PolyGram and merged it with Universal who had bought Interscope who'd purchased nothing Records(home to Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and TheThe)

As Universal/Interscope seem either incapable or unwilling (or both) to distribute and promote my album properly, and as they've refused to give it back to me, then I've been forced to consider alternative ways of reaching my audience. After much deliberation I have therefore decided to offer free downloads of 'NakedSelf' on a song by song, week by week basis from my official site: By doing so I hope more people (including the bulk of my audience) will finally get the chance to hear this album and hopefully support me by purchasing this CD and future releases. For me to just walk away from 'NakedSelf' now would be like leaving a baby on a doorstep and I just can't do it. I believe in this album too much.

Johnson stressed that:

'As the tensions between artist and merchant are rising very fast I also want to stress the positive in this statement as I think this is an exhilarating time to be involved in music.'

The full text can be viewed at

The corporate monster as depicted by TheThe

The The's artistic impression of THE CORPORATE MONSTER

Lack of music news bores community, web site plea for action

posted 7/19/2000 by Jason

Have these been the most boring 2 weeks ever in rock history or are artists just on tour? makes a desperate plea for artists to please make some noise and submit all interesting info to

Thank you and rock on,

The MusicRag Team

Track listing and title of new Radiohead album released

posted 7/7/2000 by Jason

Radiohead's fourth studio album, produced by Nigel Godrich, will be called "Kid A". It will be released on September 27 in Japan, October 2 in Europe and October 3 in Canada & USA. The tracklist is:

01. Everything In Its Right Place
02. Kid A
03. The National Anthem
04. How To Disappear Completely
05. Treefingers
06. Optimistic
07. In Limbo
08. Idioteque
09. Morning Bell
10. Motion Picture Soundtrack

The new songs that didn't make it onto the album will most likely be released as bsides or on EPs. Another new album might even be released in the near future.

The band began touring Europe on June 13th in France. A tour of the UK will take place in the fall. For reviews, pictures and other info from the previous concerts this year, see

Everclear broadcasts new album a week before it hits stores

posted 7/3/2000 by Jason

"Learning How to Smile" on The Internet Starting July 3rd

Platinum-selling alternative rockers Everclear are kicking off the Independence Day celebration a day early this year with an Internet-exclusive listening party for their new release. The fireworks start July 3 at, where fans can hear the entire album "Songs From An American Movie, Vol. One: Learning How To Smile".

It's all part of the innovative Six Weeks Of Everclear, a month-plus series of web-exclusive promotions and activities surrounding the new album's much-anticipated debut. The promotion includes the Everclear video channel, Everclear radio hosted by AOL/'s Chris Douridas, a live chat and performance and more. Songs From An American Movie, Vol. One: Learning How To Smile, in stores July 11th, is the first of two Everclear albums this year.

Click on the graphic to hear for yourself.

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