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June 2000

Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine announce joint tour

posted 6/28/2000 by Jason

The much rumored, on-again-off-again Big Summer Tour is hereby ON.
Beastie Boys will be on tour with Rage Against the Machine from the beginning of August through the middle of September. Their 30 city tour was announced yesterday. Ticket information will be available on . West coast dates are not yet listed. Word up.

Formerly PUSA, The President's are BACK!

posted 6/26/2000 by Jason

Seattle-- All three members of the former Presidents of the United States of America – Dave Dederer (guitar/bass/vocals), Chris Ballew (guitar/bass/keys/vocals) and Jason Finn (drums/vocals) - are back together, under their much smaller name, The Presidents. Their newest album Freaked Out and Small, released through MUSICBLITZ, will hit stores nationwide on September 12, 2000.

Known for their clever songwriting and catchy tunes, the Grammy-nominated Presidents previously released three full-length records on Columbia. In 1995, the multi-platinum The Presidents of the United States of America introduced the melodic rock trio to the music scene, followed by II in 1996 and Pure Frosting in 1997. Their latest project, Freaked Out and Small, has a number of new twists while maintaining the band’s original sensibility. “We just have some kind of magic when we play together,” says Dederer. “I can’t describe it, can’t define it, and I don’t think any of us can take credit for it- it’s just plain dumb luck to find that kind of synchronicity, and it shouldn’t be trifled with.”

Freaked Out and Small is “exciting and explosive,” says Dederer. “We made a conscious decision on this record to avoid mid-tempo songs. It’s a bit harder sounding than our other records, very guitar-driven and garagey sounding.” The band didn’t rehearse the songs, just went in the studio, learned them, and then recorded on the spot, taking only ten days to wrap the entire recording process. The pure musical talent and energy created by this unique environment is evident on the 12-track compilation.

MUSICBLITZ, an internet-based music company, presented The Presidents with more of a partnership than a business deal -- sharing both the risks and the profits of the record. As Dederer says, “MUSICBLITZ put together a simple, straightforward deal, and we thought ‘Why the hell not?’”

The new album from The Presidents is also the first to feature MUSICBLITZ's Fan Edition, a concept that brings fans into the virtual studio and makes them a part of the recording process. Fan Edition allows participating fans the opportunity to purchase Freaked Out and Small before it hits stores, as well as a backstage pass into the making of the album. On the Internet, fans can access regular installments of streaming video episodes, which documents The Presidents’ “life” in the studio. In addition, there are band diaries, in-studio photos and MP3 song downloads that can only be accessed online at Fans who pre-purchase the album will be recognized with their name printed in the CD liner notes and receive all in-studio footage on home video.

Thievery Corporation announce “The Mirror Conspiracy”

posted 6/21/2000 by Jason

Thievery Corporation’s second album will be released on
August 21st 2000. "The Mirror Conspiracy" is the long-
awaited follow-up to 1997’s "Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi",
which has become a worldwide underground classic - and
anticipation was further fuelled by last year’s languidly
infectious DJ Kicks compilation.

The record will be released on the band’s own label (Eighteenth Street Lounge) in the US, but the releases will be simultaneous. Watch out for a series of 10" promo records over the summer - these will feature exclusive remixes of album tracks as well as non-album tracks which will be unavailable elsewhere.

Deathray, "ex-Cake members" tour US behind new album

posted 6/15/2000 by Lance

Sacramento based quintet Deathray are Greg Brown (guitars, vocals), Dana Gumbiner (vocals, synth), Victor Damiani (bass), Max Hart (synth, guitars) and James Neil (drums).

Pic courtesy of
Both, Brown and Damiani played together in several bands including CAKE. During their tenure with the group, Brown penned the band's Modern Rock smash "The Distance" on CAKE's platinum plus breakthrough album Fashion Nugget). Damiani and Brown left the band in 1997 and once they hooked up with Sacramento pop figure Gumbiner and drummer Neil - Deathray was born. On the CAKE website, when asked what happened to Brown and Damiani, lead singer John McCrea responds "They left to follow their own dreams", leaving us no clues as to whether this was a friendly parting of ways.

Full of moog's and English power pop, Deathray have certainly strayed from CAKE's formula. The band's first studio album was recorded under the watchful eye of producer Eric Valentine (Smash Mouth, Third Eye Blind, Citizen King).

Deathray are now on tour in support of the album, check out: for dates and more info.

click on the album cover to purchase the Deathray CD

Duran Duran release new album: "Pop Trash" and US Tour

posted 6/15/2000 by Jason

In reference to their 12th release, POP TRASH, Duran Duran lead singer Simon Le Bon (and part time comedian) says:
"The statements on it are probably the most honest we've ever made, and yet we're calling it POP TRASH," says. "That's our sense of irony."

Their press release says:
"Refusing to jump on any trendy bandwagon (think hip DJs and fashionable guest stars), Duran Duran have stayed true to themselves on POP TRASH."

Yikes. It remains to be seen if they should have caved and used a dj or two after all.

Recorded and written in London, Rhodes attributes the album's honest statements to crafting it in their hometown:
"Good art, whether it's writing or painting or music - it purpose is to reflect its times and give something to make people think. Maybe look a little into the past, a little into the future, but to basically reflect what's surrounding us. I think we do that best of all when we're in London."

An early listen to a few tracks leaves me feeling the same way I have since I stopped buying Duran Duran albums when "Big Thing" came out. Duran Duran keep cranking out the same song in many different formats. If you like the song you are in luck, if not, then it's time to move on (Come Undone was a fluke, but I will spot that one in a barroom dispute). Expect more of the same on this album. Track listing and US Tour dates are listed below.

Pop Trash - Track listing

1 someone else not me 4:47
2 lava lamp 3:45
3 playing with uranium 3:50
4 hallucinating elvis 5:25
5 starting to remember 2:38
6 pop trash movie 4:53
7 fragment 0:49
8 mars meet venus 3:08
9 lady xanax 4:54
10 the sun dosen't shine forever 4:50
11 kiss goodbye 0:41
12 last day on earth

u.s. tour dates

tour dates:
Friday, July 21
House of Blues / Orlando , FL

Saturday, July 22
House of Blues / Orlando, FL

Sunday, July 23
Mars Music Amp / W. Palm Beach, FL

Tuesday, July 25
AmSouth Amp. / Antioch, TN

Thursday, July 27
Starplex Amp. / Dallas, TX

Saturday, July 29
Carowinds / Charlotte, NC

Sunday, July 30
Kings Dominion / Doswell, VA

Tuesday, August 1
Chastain Park Amp. / Atlanta, GA

Wednesday, August 2
Alltel Pavilion @ Walnut Creek / Raleigh, NC

Friday, August 4
Pier Six Pavilion / Baltimore, MD

Saturday, August 5
Fleet Center / Boston, MA

Sunday, August 6
Oakdale Theatre / Wallingford, CT

Tuesday, August 8
PNC Bank Arts Center / Holmdel, NJ

Wednesday, August 9
Jones Beach Amphitheatre / Wantaugh, NY

Friday, August 11
River Palace/Musikfest / Bethlehem, PA

Saturday, August 12
Molson Amp / Toronto, ONT, Canada

Sunday, August 13
I.C. Light Amphitheatre / Pittsburgh, PA

Tuesday, August 15
Blossom Music Center / Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Thursday, August 17
Pine Knob Music Theatre / Clarkston, MI

Friday, August 18
New World Music Theatre / Tinley Park, IL

Saturday, August 19
Kings Island / Cincinatti, OH

Sunday, August 20
Polaris Amphitheatre / Columbus, OH

Tuesday, August 22
Riverport Amp / Maryland Hgts., MO

Thursday, August 24
Coors Amphitheatre / Chula Vista, CA

Friday, August 25
House of Blues / Las Vegas, NV

Saturday, August 26
House of Blues / Las Vegas, NV

Monday, August 28
House of Blues / W. Hollywood, CA

Tuesday, August 29
House of Blues / W. Hollywood, CA

Wednesday, August 30
House of Blues / W. Hollywood, CA

Thursday, August 31
House of Blues / W. Hollywood, CA

Friday, September 1
House of Blues / W. Hollywood, CA

Saturday, September 2
House of Blues / W. Hollywood, CA

Sunday, September 3
Great America / Santa Clara, CA

for more info visit:


posted 6/13/2000 by Jason


Napster Inc., the world's leading file sharing community, today released the following statement by CEO Hank Barry in response to the recent Recording Industry Association of America's filings and statements:

"We are trying to find ways to work with all of the constituencies that are part of the Napster community, including the major record companies and the independents.
This case is about whether it is legal to share mp3 versions of sound recordings over the Internet. We say yes - the major labels say no.

"Napster has pioneered a shared-computer 'distributed content' architecture. The files are not on one big server or one central location, they are all over the Internet on thousands of individual personal computers. Distributed information technology is the future. File sharing technology is here to stay. It does not threaten copyright any more than any of the other technologies that have been developed in the past. The RIAA is seeking to control this technology by claiming that its only use is to infringe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

"People are sharing over Napster, not selling. Napster is doing no harm to the record industry. By their own numbers, record sales are up, and file sharing has proven to be a great promotional tool. People over the age of 30 are reconnecting to music through Napster in ways nobody anticipated. In fact, a recent public study said 51% of Napster users are over the age of 30. Further, over 95% of all files that are downloaded are soon erased. Napster is a sampling and listening experience, not a permanent copying experience that would displace conventional CD sales.

"The RIAA's position in all of this is, as they say, déjà vu all over again. Every time an innovation has made it easier for people to enjoy music more conveniently and less expensively, the music industry has complained and tried to slow the adoption of the technology. And every time, the music industry has nonetheless benefited.

"Let's take a look at some specifics about what is happening now:

"First, the RIAA tries to drum up proof of lost sales due to Napster, but its efforts fall flat. The RIAA ignores the 8% overall increase in sales in 1Q 2000, when Napster was a factor. Instead, they dredge up the discredited Soundscan Report that studied sales 'near colleges' in 1Q 1997 through 1Q 2000. The report shows that a minor decline in college store purchases happened from 1998 to 1999--before Napster even existed. There is nothing to suggest that Napster in late 1999 early 2000 had any impact the course of sales. And, the study did not take into account the impact on the surveyed stores of big box or online retail competitors. The survey also did not refer to independent record store sales generally, which are down even more than those in 'college' areas. The survey says nothing about Napster or its users.

"Indeed, there is nothing to suggest that Napster does anything but drive up sales. In fact, an independent Pew Foundation researcher said recently one of the trends was that people used Napster and Gnutella to sample music and to find new music,' said Lenhart. 'We also found as a trend people are going out and purchasing music they downloaded.' (source: Napster is interesting people in music and driving them to buy music.

"The RIAA commissioned the Field Survey to do a study and claims from that study that Napster displaces CD sales. Their own results show Napster's impact is primarily promotional. #1 impact Napster had on purchases, according to their survey? 'Helps me to decide or to make a better selection.' (p 17.)

"Let's not forget -- each of the major record companies and their global parents have invested in the all the hardware and software technologies that make it possible for people to listen and share music over the Net. And they have promoted those technologies. The record companies permitted the software companies to install the software used to make mp3 files. The record companies permitted software companies to make available the software needed to play the mp3 files. The record companies advertise that users should download mp3 files. Every PC with a CD player allows you to copy CDs. Almost every PC now comes with software to create mp3 files. Every online service allows users to find mp3 files. Every email service allows you to send an mp3 file. As a friend said, 'Why does Sony make the VAIO Music Clip if it does not want people to share mp3 files?' Confusing? - you bet.

"Now, the RIAA even claims that '100%' of Napster users are copyright infringers --arguing that merely having a copyrighted file on a hard disk and joining a file sharing network renders Americans liable for infringement, whether that file is downloaded or not, and regardless of the use to which it is put. The industry is seeking nothing less than to eliminate file sharing as a technology--just as it has sought to squash prior technological advances. Napster is confident that the courts will see past these efforts.

"Napster has a right to do our work. We are a file sharing software application and community company. Napster is a powerful tool and I have no doubt we will win this case on the merits, and that we will continue to benefit from the support of our community, artists, and -- yes - even the record companies, whose executives already know the simple truth, Napster has been and will be very, very good for music -- and for music sales."

A bambino for the Fatboy

posted 6/13/2000 by Jason

Norman Cook (aka Fatboy Slim) and Zoe Ball are expecting their first child on Christmas Eve. "I'm incredibly happy," she said of the pregnancy during an interview with the U.K. newspaper "The Sun." "We are both over the moon and can't wait until Christmas."

Vile Beat Records To Release Album Featuring Tool bassist Justin Chancellor

posted 6/12/2000 by Jason

Peach's "Giving Birth to A Stone" to Hit Streets this Fall

This September, DC-based indie, Vile Beat Records (an imprint of Beatville Records) will release "Giving Birth to a Stone," the sole full-length from Peach, Tool bassist Justin Chancellor's former band.

An important footnote in the history of Tool, Peach began its relationship with the progressive LA band in England, where Tool was seeking an opening act for their European tour.

The two bands formed a mutual admiration and Tool, after original bassist Paul D'Amour broke ranks, called upon Justin to join the multi-platinum outfit.

Tool have been known to perform Peach songs in concert, most recently at last fall's Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in Indio, CA.

"Giving Birth to a Stone" stands as the UK band's only full-length. The album, along with 2 EP's and a 7" single are the combo's only recorded output. This marks the first time that the album is being released domestically

Weezer Update....

posted 6/6/2000 by Jason

This is from karl's corner on the site

"YES weezer is intending to do a full USA tour, but NO, its not planned enough to report any details yet. And YES that also goes true for recording a new album. If things go as planned in the next few months, BOTH an album and USA/worldwide touring will be happening. When, exactly? Just stay tuned, and thanks for being patient.

Pat Wilson tells me he has 4 or possibly more Special Goodness shows lined up, before weezer hits the road. I dont know the exact details, but all are in LA. The shows are on June 3 and 4, i think at the Opium Den, and the 11th and 12th, I think- one is at the Dragonfly, the other at Spaceland. "

karl is =w=eezers's assistant, roadie, manager (call it what you may), and the guys in weezer's close friend. He has been with the band since '92 and has recently been helping Pat Wilson with Special Goodness.

Charlie Hunter releases self titled album today

posted 6/6/2000 by Jason

8-string guitarist Charlie Hunter's newest self-titled release is in stores today. This album expands on Charlie's previous Duo album with Leon Parker and adds two additional percussion players and sax and trombone on select tunes. Check the details on Charlie's latest:

Pick up your copy along with other select merchandise only available at Charlie Hunter Online. Orders are shipped out same day or next day.):

On your Marv, get set, go...

posted 6/5/2000 by Jason

Marvelous 3 finishes their sophomore effort, ReadySexGo. Special guests for the 16 song opus include Yogi form Buckcherry and Jeremy from LIT, and Roger Manning Jr. from JELLYFISH and BECK on piano of "Radio Tokyo".. The album will hit stores in September. Meanwhile M3's smash hit "Freak Of The Week" from their debut disk is featured in new Columbia movie, Loser.

Check out the marv at

Ultimate Fakebook on tour

posted 6/5/2000 by Jason

Ultimate Fakebook, who prove alt rock can come from Kansas, have announced dates in support of their upcoming major label release. Their cd "This will be laughing week" will be available everywhere July 25, 2000. It is actually a re-released of their Noisome Records album. They were picked up by Sony 550/Epic and are finally getting the kind of promotion they deserve.

Get Up Kids fans will love this band. I first found them on and downloaded about 10 of their songs from a variety of their past albums. A quick check of shows that they only have 2 of their songs posted now. Get 'em while you can.

Tour Dates:
Dates through 6/16 are with The Impossibles
6/2 Austin, TX Emo's
6/3 Nacogdoches, TX The Sky House
6/4 Houston, TX Fitzgerald's
6/5 Denton, TX Rubber Gloves
6/7 St Louis, MO Creepy Crawl
6/8 Valparaiso, IN Night Owl
6/9 Chicago, IL Fireside Bowl
6/10 Milwaukee, WI The Globe East
6/11 Madison, WI O'Cayz Corral
6/12 Minneapolis, MN Foxfire
6/13 Iowa City, IA Gabe's Oasis
6/14 Des Moines, IA Botanical Ctr
6/15 Sioux Falls, SD Knights Of Columbus
6/16 Omaha, NE Ranch Bowl
6/17 Fort Collins, CO Starlight Club
6/19 Boise, ID CD Merchant
Below dates are with The Stereo
6/20 Seattle, WA The Paradox Theatre
6/23 San Francisco, CA Cocodrie
6/24 Irvine, CA KUCI-Ska Parade Radio Show (airs from 12:00p-2:00p)
6/24 Anaheim, CA Chain Reaction
6/25 San Diego, CA Epicenter
6/26 Phoenix, AZ Nile Basement
6/27 Hollywood, CA Spaceland
6/29 Albuquerque, NM Radio Show (details soon!)
6/30 Las Vegas, NV The Sanctuary
7/1 Salt Lake City, UT venue tba
7/2 Denver, CO venue tba
7/5 Arlington Heights, IL Knights of Columbus

Download Ultimate Fakebook MP3s here

Get more info at:

The Mambo King is Dead. Long Live the Mambo King.

posted 6/2/2000 by chester

Tito Puente, known to fans as "The Mambo King", passed away Wednesday, May 30. Born in 1923, Puente was a pioneer in latin jazz. His percussion-heavy music influenced many artists to come, exposing latin, Afro-Cuban, and Spanish musical styles to a wide audience. As leader of Tito Puente and his Orchestra, he earned the other nickname "El Rey de los Timbales" ("King of the Timbales") due to his proficiency at the instrument. His most famous composition is "Oye Como Va", remade in the 70's by guitar legend Carlos Santana.

Puente died at the New York City University Medical Center Wednesday night after complications from heart surgery. He will be missed by many.

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