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Anyone who is familiar with the old "desert island records" game, or has read Nick Hornby's novel High Fidelity, will probably understand the idea behind 5 songs pretty quickly.

A topic is given, and you respond with your five fave songs that relate to the topic. Its your choice to justify your picks, to tell the world what makes them so damn good. You can have musical reasons, which are good... but much better are the little anecdotes, the things you associate a certain song with.

Songs don't exist in vacuums... we put our own stamp on them long after they've been recorded.

What's the point of the project? To get people interested in stuff they've never heard before. To share why certain songs are just so unbelievably good, at least to your ears. This will be a forum for people who know the music they love, to explain why they love it.

submissions are closed right now while we are working on the new database - sorry!

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last updated Wednesday, September 13, 2000

5 songs that Joe is ashamed to admit he likes:

Song: "Bye, Bye"
Artist: Nsync
Justify: its so damn catchy, i find myself singing and trying to dance like them. i'm so ashamed.

Song: "Country Roads"
Artist: John Denver
Justify: didya ever watch that mtv show idiot savants. well i saw a dad and his son sing this song on there, and i have liked it ever since.

Song: "Son of a Preacher Man"
Artist: Dusty Springfield?
Justify:i don't know why, its a good song, i guess

Song: "Love Hurts"
Artist: War
Justify: gatorade comercial, dazed and confused, saturday night live skit where they have cookie dough instead of gatorade. and i just a sentimental fool.

Song: "American Girl"
Artist: Tom Petty
Justify: a girl i was like in love with loved this song, so i grew to like it.

last updated Saturday, June 10, 2000

5 songs that jordan is ashamed to admit he likes:

Song: "the world has turned and left me here"
Artist: weezer
Justify: its a great song, you cant deny it

Song: "elevator boy"
Artist: sprung monkey
Justify: its like my life motto

Song: "rape me"
Artist: nirvana
Justify:think about its lyrics, great thoughts

Song: "the longest line"
Artist: nofx
Justify: personal meaning

Song: "misplaced memories"
Artist: mxpx
Justify: tough choice for last song, but i am really into it right now

last updated Friday, June 9, 2000

5 songs that Chaobell is ashamed to admit she likes:

Song: Hell
Artist: Squirrel Nut Zippers
Justify: A swing tune about damnation in the can you not like that?

Song: Particle Man
Artist: They Might Be Giants
Justify: It's a catchy tune. Very catchy. And simple enough so that people who you inflict it on will have it stuck in their heads by the end of the day.

Song: The (original) Cotton-Eyed Joe
Artist: Don't remember...not the techno Red Nex version, the original
Justify: Picture a six-year old being told it's cool to go out onto a dance floor, dance in a circle, and yell "BULLS--T!" at the top of her lungs without getting her mouth washed out with soap afterward. I've always loved that.

Song: Earache My Eye
Artist: Cheech & Chong
Justify: C'mon. Cheech prancing around on stage wearing a tutu. Chong dressed up like a Quaalude knocking his drums over. "My mama's talkin' to me, tryin' to tell me how to live! Dah-duh-duh dah-duh-duh duh duh duuuh!" Classic.

Song: I Love Trash
Artist: Oscar the Grouch
Justify: Oscar just rules. He's got attitude and he lives in a trash can with a pet worm named Slimey.

5 songs that Robin Carmody is ashamed to admit she likes:

Song: "Hunting Girl"
Artist: Jethro Tull
Justify: In common with pretty much all their other output, this is lavish, overblown windy English ruralism, and this particular song celebrates a pursuit whose banning I have long supported. What endears it to me is the simplicity of the melody, the thrill of the chase it conveys, and a certain reverence, a deep respect which can move me *even if I hate its subject*, as though Ian Anderson is in awe of the tradition he's singing about (an unjustifiable one in my opinion, which makes it all the more paradoxical for me).

Song: "The Universal"
Artist: Blur
Justify: A jewel in a sack of shit - The Great Escape is a long, tedious album which lurches from an utterly laughable vision of suburbia on "Stereotypes" to a nine-year-old's arse out of the window at the lottery on "It Could Be You", and don't even get me started on the idea of Japanese life conveyed by the unspeakable closing song ... what saves it is this vision of universal drug use in C21, laid out in the sun and yearning for something higher, a beautiful reflection on how things might change from a band who generally tried to preserve the past in aspic. For me, one of the three good Blur songs.

Song: "Live Forever"
Artist: Oasis
Justify: I'd never have liked this if I'd known what they would later become, all the lives they'd ruin, all the creativity they'd stifle, all the optimism they'd nip in the bud and replace with a lie of how things once were. I still stand up for this song, though - its rush and desire for immortality being utterly removed from the defeatist (openly or implicity) message of all other Oasis songs.

Song: "BBC Radiophonic Workshop music from UK schools programmes, late 1980s"
Artist: Roger Limb and others
Justify: OK, not a song as such. But having heard what Delia Derbyshire, John Baker et al had achieved in earlier years - musique concrete for the masses, the finest achievement of avant-garde entryism in history (far more significant and long-lasting than "Revolution No. 9")I can only view their later instrumental work as an utter betrayal of their legacy. How the rosy glow of childhood nostalgia can make you love what you have since realised you must morally hate.

Song: "I'll Find My Way Home"
Artist: Jon and Vangelis
Justify: OK, now I'm unforgiven and will never be redeemed. I know that. Unaccountably exciting and "stirring" though it may be beneath its indescribable corniness, but I know I have absolutely no defence whatsoever. I'll go and sit in a corner now ....

5 songs that amy is ashamed to admit she likes:

Song: "Macarena"
Artist: Los del Rio
Justify: it's all about the video...those aging guys in suits! And they're so into the song, it cracks me up every time.

Song: "Jump Around"
Artist: House of Pain
Justify: ahhh, Mickey's widemouths. Enough said.

Song: "Calling Dr. Love"
Artist: KISS
Justify: As a kid the cover of "Rock 'n Roll Over" used to scare the beejesus out of me but yet I couldn't stop looking at it.

Song: "Philadelphia Freedom"
Artist: Elton John
Justify: A song for Billie Jean King?! Again, it's all about being a kid in the 1970's. Besides, I love those cheesy synthesized horns right before the chorus.

Song: "America"
Artist: Neil Diamond
Justify:Neil... a Jew who sold out to make a Christmas album. sheesh.

5 songs that Tom Ewing is ashamed to admit he likes:

Song: " High And Dry"
Justify: Radiohead are misanthropic bore-core for students in polonecks, but damnation if there's not something about "High And Dry"'s character assassination that resonates. One to put on jukeboxes when you're drunk and kill off a party.

Song: "Nancy Boy"
Artist: Placebo
Justify:Another long-time jukebox favourite from these mewling glamsters. The lyrics are grisly, but the beat sticks.

Song: "Tender"
Artist: Blur
Justify:I am genuinely very ashamed of liking this lengthy Spiritualized knock-off. But sometimes maudlin break-up songs are the only ones which do the job.

Song: "Black Hole Sun"
Artist: Mimi Goese
Justify:Histrionic 'epic' sung by the warbly-voiced barefoot chick from Hugo Largo? A recipe for disaster, surely? And yet I find myself drawn to it - can it be that Soundgarden's chest-beating schlock hid a good tune?

Song: "Don't Cry For Me Argentina"
Artist:Julie Covington
Justify: It's by Andrew Lloyd Webber for goodness' sakes. And yet - such drama! Sob! Bawl!

last updated Friday, June 2, 2000

5 songs that josef k is ashamed to admit he likes:

Song: " Working Hour"
Artist:Tears For Fears
Justify: It's drippy, maudlin crap and I love it. Can't you just hear the social injustice in his voice?

Song: "Thong Song"
Artist: Sisqo
Justify:Ummm. I don't think this needs to be elaborated upon. It's just beautifully horrible. It's like when I was 13 and got some play from a friends mother-- I felt disgusted and euphoric at the same time.

Song: "Like a Surgeon"
Artist:Wierd Al Yankovic
Justify: You should be embarrassed if you own ANY Wierd Al records.

Song: "Mmm Bop"
Artist: Hanson
Justify:I can't take a shower without singing it loudly.

Song: "All About The Benjamins"
Artist: Puff Daddy
Justify:Exploiting dead rappers kinda creeps me out-- but it gots dat hook! (um...yo)

5 songs that Chester is ashamed to admit he likes:

Song: "Tearin' Up My Heart"
Artist: N*SYNC
Justify: The raw emotion...the songwriting made to make teenage girls cry...the overuse of the endearing term "baby".

Song: "The Real Slimshady"
Artist: Eminem
Justify:I tried not to like Eminem, but he's so clever, like a fox, or a weasel or something. Maybe a ferret.

Song: "Dear God"
Justify: I don't agree with the sentiment of this song, but this is one of XTC's finest songs, and there are some fine ones.

Song: "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"
Artist: Chicago
Justify:Cheesy band. Cheesy song. Tap my toes every damn time.

Song: "Ugly Girl"
Artist: Fleming & John
Justify:I used to be more ashamed of liking this radio novelty until I found out Ben Folds shares a co-writing credit on the song.

5 songs that Lance King is ashamed to admit he likes:

Song: "Millennium"
Artist: Robbie Williams
Justify: This song would probably not stick out in my mind as much if he hadn't cut that Sean Connery wannabe video for this song. What can I say the Moonraker violins in the background just make this song! Please note: This is not the Backwash Boys "Millennium."

Song: "Welcome to Paradise"
Artist: Green Day
Justify: Not even in the parking lot to Lollapalooza yet, you could hear this song echoing off of every sport ute in site. It was pretty cool, even though it was a bit sad that I became a fan post Gilman so I couldn't claim any longtime loyalty. It was just time for three chord spankings to rule the airwaves.

Song: "Nookie"
Artist: Limp Bizkit
Justify: Do you get the feeling you should not really be into this band either, that maybe if you bumped into them at 7-11 they would turn out to be just as lame as your cousin Zeke from Florida? This is a hard one to justify, what with the black contacts wearing guitarist and all.

Song: "The Reflex"
Artist: Duran Duran
Justify: It's catchy! Come on everybody, "... the reflex, flex, flex, flex..."

Song: "Livin' La Vida Loca"
Artist: Ricky Martin
Justify: I tried to hate it, but the guy is dripping hot wax on the chick in the video. I have to support that kind of thing and the song is pretty catchy. This song even got Chris Rock's vote in his latest comedy special.

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