January 30, 2002

I'm a Genie in a bootleg baby!

The kids over here at musicrag love their alterna-rock but we love it even more when someone dubs Christina Aguilera vocals over Strokes songs. Yep, listen to 'A Stroke of Genie-us' here.. Listen to more 'bootlegs' as they call them at: Top 11 Bootlegs of 2001. Greats such as Kraftwerk vs Whitney Houston, and Nirvana vs Destiny's Child in 'Smells Like Booty' all in MP3 format. Go nuts.

January 28, 2002

I'm a little late to the 'Best of 01' listings, so I thought I'd skip right past them and instead pay homage to yee who thou may have forgotten. Yee who you may have never listened to. Yee of yesteryear.

We always love to talk about the newest band, the newest sound, the newest scene. But if you ask me, 1993's albums kicked my ass beautifully. I therefore give you...

My Personal Top 8 Albums of 1993.

  • Afghan Whigs; Gentleman Drunk, angry, smokey, American, male. Still my top album of all time.
  • Tool; Undertow "Unsuppressed indulgence in rage." Best definition I ever heard of Tool.
  • Dr. Dre; The Chronic Dre's slow-rollin' potty mouthin' brought white college kids to rap en masse.
  • Matthew Sweet; Altered Beast Matthew Sweet writes pop songs like [insert witty complimentary analogy here].
  • Urge Overkill; Saturation The best guitar rock of the decade.
  • The Pixies; Trompe Le Monde OK, this came out in '91. But Frank Black owns you any year he wants.
  • The Breeders; Last Splash The Deal sisters' voices drive Pixies inspired quirkpop.
  • Liz Phair; Exile in Guyville This is what Penthouse Letters would sound like...

January 22, 2002

From the 'I can't believe they haven't been sued yet' file

An mp3 music download site called: MP3MTV.com. Maybe they don't have laws in Belgium or Switzerland.

January 15, 2002

Acknowledging you have a problem is the first step

Not much in the way of new info over here at musicrag. Um, Happy New Year? Yeah, were working on step two. Keep your pants on.