April 27, 2001

Brighton calling!

Brighton's legendary 'Big Beat Boutique' is celebrating its 5th birthday tonight with a sell-out bash at the Concorde 2, featuring Fatboy Slim, Carl Cox, and Tayo! I've been looking forward to this night for some time now... well ever since I bought the tickets a month ago. Hopefully my disposable camera won't fail me, so I can share the madness of the evening with anyone interested in experiencing how serious the English take their clubbing (In other music news, Rocket from the Crypt is playing at the Concorde 2 in Brighton on June 13, for a mere 8).

April 26, 2001

A simple request from the Tokyo correspondent:

Since I can't be there myself, ya'll will have to do me the favor of checking out two shows coming to the city next week. Regardless of what you think of Blink 182, be smart enough to show up early for their gig at the Warfield this Tuesday, May 1 - Alkaline Trio is opening on this leg of the tour, supporting the new album, a successful return to their crunchy quasi-punk/mostly-emo sound. The following night, Rocket from the Crypt will proselytize the unbelievers at the Great American Music Hall. Be assured that it takes only one show to become a true-believer in the Rocket; I will guaran-f***ing-tee a stage show you won't soon forget.

If my mom were an 18 year old punk this might be helpful

April 25, 2001

As pointed out by Howard Stern this morning, New Found Glory's 1999 cover of Peter Cetera's 'The Glory of Love' of Karate Kid II soundtrack fame does indeed kick ass.

April 24, 2001

I promise to buy the album...

...and I like Pavement but can we agree that it's not funny to relabel a bunch of their songs and pass them off as the much anticipated new Weezer album on Napster? Weezer is a pro-MP3 band (and I am dying for the new album).

From Karl's Corner (Weezer's right hand man) entry on 3.17.2001

...on a side note, many of you have been asking about the Napster thing, as in who caused the weezer songs to be de-listed. I did some asking around and discovered that Weezer happened to be one of the first bands named by the R.I.A.A. in their major request to Napster to block songs. The band was unaware of this happening until fans started to ask about it. We have no idea if the weezer tracks will be allowed back on Napster or not at this point.

So stop it. Alright?

It's tough work being a popstar...

Even tougher being a cub reporter with a conscience though. A junior reporter is given a tongue lashing by Christina Aguilera's mommy. [link via MeFi]

April 18, 2001

Step 11. claim that you have a love-hate relationship with the media.

How to create a successful Nu Metal band in 10 easy steps.

April 16, 2001

I am currently listening to an advance copy of Radiohead's Amnesiac. Good God! I know I will end up in the very large heap of gushing music critics who are waiting to praise this album but in all honestly it IS amazing! It's a must have for the collection. More along the lines of melodic Brit pop, as we knew it a few years back but with better vocals, mixed with a healthy dose of Kid A. Run don't walk to pre-order this one. In stores on June 5th. Check out, FollowMeAround.com for more info and track listing.

A very sad day in rock...

Punk Icon Joey Ramone Dies

April 12, 2001


As a long time Depeche Mode fan, I feel compelled to announce that their 11th album Exciter will be available starting May 15th. Honestly, I am surprised that the band didn't throw in the towel back when Alan Wilder left in 1995 or when David Gahan tried to kill himself or when commercial radio forgot they existed. Keep cranking out the tunes guys, and keep all sharp objects out of David's hands. Thanks.

April 06, 2001

... and pick out all of the red M and M's

Wanna know what kooky treats some of the Big Time Pop StarsTM have in their tour riders. Check it out at The Smoking Gun.